Eco Coin

Recycling rocks!

Some of our events use the ECO COIN. The collected cups, bottles and cans are recycled after the event. This way you too can contribute to a greener planet.

How does it work?

  • You will receive 1 ECO COIN at the entrance.
  • Hand over the ECO COIN at the bar when you order your first drink.
  • Finished your drink? Do not throw away your cup, bottle or can, but hand it in at the bar when you order your next drink.
  • Don't have an empty cup, bottle or can with you? Then you pay a certain amount extra per drink.
  • Not thirsty? Exchange your empty cup, bottle or can for an ECO COIN. You can hand it in with your next drink.


ECO COINS have no value of their own. You cannot use them to buy food or drinks.

There are currently no events using the ECO COIN.