Tom DeLonge krijgt gelijk: aliens bestaan!


Aliens exist, sings blink-182 on "Enema of the State," their 1999 album. And they may well be right.

A few days ago in America, a House of Representatives committee on national security issues met.
There, David Grusch, a former major in the U.S. Air Force, stated that the U.S. government has evidence of extraterrestrial life but is hiding it. Also present at the session were two former pilots who claim to have observed abnormal phenomena.

Tom DeLonge of blink-182 has believed in extraterrestrial life all his life and even founded To the Stars Academy of Arts & Sciences in 2014 to conduct extensive research on the phenomenon. The three whistleblowers referred to Tom DeLonge and To the Stars during the hearing.

Shortly after the hearing, Tom DeLonge posted on social media:
"The UFO Hearings today made history. I am so proud of the three witnesses today that blew the lid off the UFO secrecy that has been intact for decades. I appreciated the shout-out during the hearing."

Kim Wilde also spoke out about the historic hearing. The pop icon spotted a UFO above her home in 2009, but was never believed. Since the hearing, she says she has been overwhelmed with messages from people who finally believe her. "I'm convinced in my lifetime that there will be some phenomenal disclosure especially information from Mars," she said.

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